Over 6 Million Labels Created with T2S Software

Less than 300 days after the last one was reached, we can now look back on another milestone. On Tuesday, December 19, 2017, Erasmus MC have brought the total count of labels generated by Type2Solutions label management software to 6 million!

The ever-increasing pace at which we hit these milestones is a great motivation for our label management team and shows that labeling is still high on the agenda of manufacturers, healthcare organizations and retailers of all sizes.

From SaaS solutions to fully integrated enterprise label management solutions and EDI, every day, our products enable our clients all over the world to better manage their logistic chain through label management solutions that work.

Label Management Solutions

Create, manage and centralize labels, comply with GS1 standards, food, healthcare or GHS hazmat regulations and give your supply chain a boost with T2S data-driven label management solutions.

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One2Label Automation

One2Label Automation is our unattended labeling application that automates repetitive printing tasks. Automated printing is triggered by business events in your ERP, WMS or MES. It is an effective way to avoid user errors and maximize performance.

Automated labeling made simple