One2Label Automation

Zebra ZPL® Industrial Printing

Automated Labeling Made Simple

One2Label Automation is a labeling service that runs on your own server and executes Zebra programming language (ZPL) printing tasks without the need for user intervention.

The printing tasks are triggered by your ERP, WMS or MES. Whenever a label is required, they save a simple file containing the necessary data to a folder monitored by One2Label Automation.

One2Label Automation takes care of the rest for you, from placing the data on the label to sending it directly to the printer.

  • Easy to install
  • Simple to integrate
  • Triggered by business events in your ERP / WMS / MES
  • Native Zebra ZPL support
  • Multi-language support without extra fonts

Supports all Bar Codes and GS1

One2Label Automation supports all bar codes and the most widely used supply chain standard in the world, GS1. It can process text in all languages, even if the printer does not have special fonts loaded.

Label layouts can be customized to your corporate identity, including pictograms and logos. Built-in functions provide commonly used information. Custom function libraries can be added according to your specifications.

One2Label Automation is easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Drop the data file in the One2Label Automation folder

The automated printing process is triggered by your business application. Configure your system to drop a simple data file (xml, csv or json) in a folder monitored by One2Label Automation. The incoming file is detected and picked up for processing.

2. Let the One2Label Renderer do its work

One2Label Automation validates the contents of the data file and passes it to the Renderer. The Renderer’s job is to merge the data in the file with the layout and to generate the ZPL code that will be sent to the Zebra-compatible printer.

3. Get your label from the printer

The ZPL code generated by the Renderer is sent directly to the Zebra-compatible printer, where you can pick up the label.

Who is it for?

One2Label Automation has been developed using technology utilized in all our labeling solutions.

One2Label Automation is a great choice if you are looking for a labeling solution that:

  • is easy to integrate into your existing process
  • runs as a Windows® Service
  • does not require significant changes in your systems
  • supports multi-language content without extra fonts
  • is light-weight, robust, fast, scalable and extensible.

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