EDI + Palletlabel at Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters

Pelican Rouge implements EDI solution

To accommodate their recent growth in the retail segment, Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters turned to Type2Solutions’ integrated EDI solution Palletlabel.

Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters is a Pelican Rouge Group Company and Europe’s largest supplier of coffee and hot/cold beverage solutions.

Pelican Rouge delivers their favorite cup of coffee to a staggering 15 million customer through hotels, restaurants, retail, catering and food service companies.

The Result

“ To foster growth in the retail sector, Pelican Rouge has to be able to cater to individual requirements from the different retailers it serves rapidly and flexibly. The electronic messages and logistics labels that we produce not only have to comply with GS1 specifications, but also with specific requirements stated by each retailer. By integrating Palletlabel + EDI into our IT landscape, Type2Solutions enables us to do just that, flexibly and in no time. ”
Ivo Tiesema Logistics Manager at Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters

Achieve Strategy for Growth

Pelican Rouge had been using the logistics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to generate their GS1 labels since 2012. In 2016, they decided to extend their subscription with electronic data interchange (EDI).

The integrated EDI solution handles the electronic messaging stream, including purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices, between Pelican Rouge and their customers.

This GS1 compliant end-to-end solution gives Pelican Rouge the flexibility needed to accommodate the most diverse labeling and EDI requirements in the retail sector.

Pelican Rouge currently serves many retail business partners using Palletlabel + EDI.

Project Details

  • Label management project readies Pelican Rouge for EDI with their retail business partners
  • Accommodate the most diverse labeling and EDI requirements
  • GS1 compliant end-to-end solution

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