Johnny Cashew cracks the EDI chain

Johnny Cashew cracks the EDI chain

To efficiently and flawlessly execute the rollout between Johnny Cashew and Lidl, they implemented an EDI connection between the ERP system Exact Online, Lidl, and the logistics service provider.

OrderChief managed the integration with Exact Online, and Type 2 Solutions facilitated the connection with the retailers and the logistics service provider.

Together, we crack that chain!

Want to know how?

For the implementation, we follow a five-step plan:

Step 1 – Analysis

We examine which EDI messages Johnny Cashew wants to exchange with which trading partners and with which IT system:

  • EDI messages: ORDERS, DESADV (delivery note), INVRPT (inventory report), and INVOIC (invoice)
  • Trading partners: Lidl (multiple countries), Picnic, AH, and the logistics service provider
  • Business software: Exact Online

Step 2 – Solution

Based on the analysis, we determine the best solution:

  • OrderChief for the connection with Exact Online
  • EDI Platform for the connection with retailers and the logistics service provider

Step 3 – Planning

We know exactly what we are going to achieve and what not, who will do what, and when.

Step 4 – Implementation

We initiate the connection with a client and schedule regular meetings to keep everyone informed about the project’s progress.

The solution undergoes comprehensive testing. After successfully exchanging test messages, we go live.

Step 5 – Go-live

Johnny Cashew can get started with EDI.

EDI messages are automatically exchanged between Exact Online, the retailer, and the logistics service provider. This saves time and prevents errors.

Johnny Cashew is ready for the rollout to 32 Lidl countries and retailers across Europe.

“We want to demonstrate that we are the authority in sustainable cashews in Europe,” says Freek Wessels of Johnny Cashew.

The result of the EDI connection

“ The result of the EDI connection is that we have a digital interaction with our largest customer, Lidl, in various countries, as well as with our distribution center, Picnic, and Albert Heijn. Because the process is automated, our administration is accurate. Our operations are now more efficient and error-free. The collaboration feels very positive. I believe that you should be able to fully trust the party you choose. They should become part of your team. An external member, of course; but to me, still a teammate. I selected a party that genuinely wants to and dares to take responsibility. Ownership is very important to me. ”
Freek Wessels Co-owner & Cashew Captain Johnny Cashew

Are you facing an EDI challenge?

Contact us. Together with you, we evaluate your software situation and draw up an integration plan based on that.