Toll Collection System Migration

N.V. Westerscheldetunnel

Migration in a 24/7 Environment

The Westerscheldetunnel has a total of 14 lanes, seven northbound and seven southbound. Each side counts three attended lanes with toll booths, three card payment lanes, and one lane for On Board Units (OBU). Every lane is fitted with roadside equipment and a dedicated lane workstation referred to as the front-office. That workstation forwards the transactions generated by each passing vehicle to the back-office, a centralized database in which transactions are handled, can be consulted and reported on.

Development and approval of the new systems had to be managed in a mock setup at on off-site facility in order to mitigate risk and allow for sufficient adjustment opportunities. Once the systems had been approved off-site, the migration was initiated with the upgrade of the first two lanes.

Professional Approach

“ Type 2 Solutions has handled this job to our fullest satisfaction. Their approach has been utterly professional and thoroughly organized. Another important fact is that they really got into our business processes. ”
Patrick Dankaart Technical and Maintenance Manager at N.V. Westerscheldetunnel

The Migration Was Deemed the Most Precarious
Operation of the Entire Project.

The entire migration did entail more than just the upgrade of the old lanes and the replacement of the existing hard- and software. It also comprised the conversion and migration of all data collected since the official opening of the tunnel in 2003.

The main provision was that the toll collection process had to carry on unimpeded 24 hours a day, and that no transactions could go missing. Further, only one lane would be allowed to be inoperative for upgrade in each direction at any given time. Finally, the migration plan had to be coordinated in a way that end users would not have to work with both back-office systems in parallel.

Project Details

  • Migration in a 24/7 environment
  • Using the T2S Migration Platform
  • Analysis of the source data systems in a single pass
  • One central dedicated migration team

Using the T2S Migration Platform

N.V. Westerscheldetunnel made the choice to have the data migration executed by a specialized team of Type2Solutions consultants, using the T2S migration platform instead of a decentralized approach with dedicated migration teams per target system.

By doing so, analysis of the source data and systems was done in a single pass and did not have to be repeated by each team. Further, all data handling could be done centrally.


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