EDI Connector

Smart EDI adapter

EDI Connector

Difficulties with EDI implementation? Getting nowhere when it comes to generating and sending EDI messages from your system? We’ve got the solution: an EDI Connector.

No matter the system, the EDI connector communicates with it and ensures you meet your trading partners requirements. We’ve got experience connecting with various systems and platforms such as KING Software, AFAS, Exact, Dynamics 365, SAP and many more.

Smart EDI adapter

The EDI connector can be viewed as a smart adapter which ensures you can effortlessly communicate from your IT system to your customers, using EDI. Without having to go through the trouble of setting up an EDI connection between your system and your trade partner.

Simply have your system place a file on a server, and our EDI connector and platform will take care of the rest. As straightforward as it gets.

How does it work?

You communicate with the Type 2 Solutions EDI platform using the EDI connector. This platform maps, transforms and routes the data from your system to various trade partners, matching their specifications.

EDI in 3 steps

  • You place a file, such as a packing slip or invoice, from your system. The file can have various extensions, such as xml, txt or csv.
  • The EDI connector processes the file and delivers it to the EDI platform.
  • The EDI platform transforms the file to the correct EDI format and sends it to your clients.
    • Examples of EDI formatted messages are DESADV (dispatch advice message) and INVOIC (invoice).

Easy, fast, and secure.

The other way around works the same. The connector will receive the file, such as an ORDER message, from the EDI platform and places it on a server. The file will be formatted so that it can be read directly into your systems.

Installation EDI Connector

The EDI connector can be installed on any (recent) Windows computer or server with access to the internet.


The costs for EDI implementation consist of a one-time fee for installing and configuring the EDI connector, as well as the setup of mapping, transforming, testing, and routing on the EDI platform.

After the implementation, there is a monthly fixed fee for the required EDI gateways, that are needed to communicate through EDI. For the actual messages there is a variable monthly fee dependent on the number of EDI messages. This fee includes maintenance, monitoring, incident management and service & support.

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Your benefits

We’ll fully take care of setting up the EDI communication with your customers using the EDI connector and platform. This simplifies the integration with your systems greatly and simplifies adding new EDI connections. There’s a standardized manner of communication with your system, regardless of customer specific requests. Both for incoming and outgoing EDI messages.

In summary, you can start quickly, work efficiently, and satisfy your customers.

  • Smart EDI adapter
  • Effortless EDI communication with your customers
  • EDI connections will be set up for you
  • The EDI connector simplifies integration
  • EDI communication with your customers is fast, secure, and easy to set up

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