Healthcare Solutions

Meet Healthcare Requirements

Healthcare Solutions

Would you like to meet healthcare regulations, comply with the GS1 standards and ensure traceability and patient safety?

T2S offers solutions for barcode labeling and EDI, data migration, integration with GDSN and data quality.

Endoss Mediclabel GS1

Read on to discover our solutions and hear what our customers say about us.

  • Meet Healthcare Regulations
  • Comply to LIR/MDR with the GDSN mapping service and API
  • Migrate data to your new IT-system with the Data Migration Platform
  • Monitor and optimize your data with the Data Quality Monitor
  • Label high risk medication and medical devices with Mediclabel or O2L Automation
  • GS1 Approved Solutions

Meet Healthcare Regulations

Would you like to meet healthcare regulations, comply with the GS1 standards and ensure traceability and patient safety?

Use one of our label management solutions to generate barcode labels:

  • Mediclabel
    • Easy to use Software-as-a-Service application for barcode labels and EDI.
  • One2Label Automation
    • Generate labels on the fly triggered by your IT-system.

Use one of our data management solutions to master your data and receive data from your suppliers via GDSN:

  • GDSN Mapping Service
    • Receive data from the GS1 Data Source Healthcare and easily process it in your EMR or ERP-system.
    • Retrieve information from GDSN at lightning speed.
  • Data Migration Platform
    • Migrate and integrate your data across platforms.
  • Data Quality Monitor
    • Manage, centralize and optimize your data.

Barcode Labeling and EDI Solutions

Generate barcode labels and send EDI messages with Type 2 Solutions label management solutions Mediclabel and One2Label Automation.

Mediclabel for Manufacturers

UDI Barcode Labels

Comply with healthcare standards (UDI/MDR) and increase traceability and by using Mediclabel. With Mediclabel you can assign a UDI for (the packaging of) medical devices and in some cases on the medical device itself. For the pallets you can create SSCC-labels and send the EDI Desadv message.

User-friendly application

Mediclabel is a user-friendly application, accessible through the web. User actions such as label generation are completely traceable. Meaning you are in control of who has clearance to add and edit products or generate a label. A Mediclabel subscription comes with an unlimited number of users and labels.

Learn more about Mediclabel. Visit our product website and create your first GS1 Datamatrix label right now!

Mediclabel for Hospitals

High Risk Medication

To increase and ensure patient safety the Erasmus MC uses Mediclabel to label high-risk medication.

Mediclabel generates specifically designed barcode labels that are applied to all medication before they are administered to patients.

Patient safety

Dave Gonlag, nurse anesthetist at the Erasmus MC: “Mediclabel helps us to ensure that the correct substance is prepared in the right concentration and in the right manner. It complements the guidelines on parenteral administration set forth in the Quality Information System.”

Barcode labels on the fly

One2Label Automation

One2Label Automation is an unattended labeling application that handles repetitive printing tasks. Printing is triggered by business events in a IT-system such as an ERP or EMR. It supports multi-language content without extra fonts, most barcodes and the widely used supply chain standard system in the world, GS1.

One2Label Automation is a great choice if you are looking for a labeling solution that is easy to integrate into your existing process.

Free Trial

Try out One2Label Automation and discover the possibilities.

Data Management Solutions

Would you like to receive article data from your suppliers via GDSN and integrate it into your IT-systems?

Easily process the data from the GS1 Data Source Healthcare in your EMR or ERP-system with the T2S GDSN Mapping service. Or just scan the barcode and receive the data at once with the our newly developed GDSN API. Easily accessible via the user-friendly Implant Scanner Application.

GDSN Mapping Service

For Healthcare Clinics and Hospitals

The T2S GDSN Mapping Service automatically translates the data from the GS1 Data Source Healthcare (GDSN) to the commonly used fields in the Healthcare sector (the ECHO-model).

T2S performs this translation with their proven Migration Platform. You can receive this translated data in any format you’d desire and easily process it in your EMR or ERP-system.

Fit for purpose

Using the T2S GDSN Mapping Service you can receive the information as you choose. Resulting in easily being able to process needed article data in your system.

Saving time, working more efficiently and meeting legislations.

On top of that it helps you to optimize the data quality of your products registered in the Electronic health record system (EMR) and/or ERP system.

GDSN API Solution

The T2S GDSN Scanner application uses an API, which retrieves information from GDSN.

With the T2S Implant Scanner application you’ll receive product information via a simple barcode scan from the GS1 Data Source Healthcare at lightning speed. If there’s no barcode available, or if it’s been damaged, the GTIN (GS1 item number) can also be typed in manually.

The application is easily accessible via web and has a user-friendly interface.

Practical service for linking with GS1 Data Source Healthcare

Dijklander Hospital and the GDSN Mapping Service

By linking to GS1 Data Source Healthcare (GDSN), Dijklander Hospital gained direct access to the data of the total range of suppliers with hundreds of thousands of articles.

Diederik Rood, senior advisor and project leader for the LIR at the Dijklander Hospital, explains: “While we have at most 5,000 implants in stock in the OR. All that data raised new questions. Which articles do we use and which not? Some data fields were empty, but why? Because the supplier has not released it or has not entered it? Or because the coupling has not been properly established? Or do we as Dijklander Hospital have our data incorrectly in the systems? It took us a long time to find answers to these questions ”.

Dijklander has developed a practical solution together with data specialist Type 2 Solutions. Dijklander uses the GDSN Mapping Service and the Implant Scanner Application of Type 2 Solutions for this. Because the GTIN is linked to the internal reference numbers, Dijklander Hospital can easily process the article data in the EMR and ERP.

GS1 Certified Solution

We are very proud that our GDSN Mapping Service is certified by GS1 Netherlands.

Type 2 Solutions has been a GS1 Solution Provider since 2011. We help organizations worldwide with implementing the GS1 standard.

Certificering GS1 GDSN T2S

Data Migration and Data Quality Solutions

Moving on to a new ERP or EPD system?

Migrate or integrate your data with the T2S Data Migration Platform and monitor & optimize the quality of your data with the T2S Data Quality Monitor.

Moving on to a new system?

Data Migration

Your new solution needs to fuse your ongoing data flow with your historical data. You face the challenge of finding and extracting your old data. The data has to be checked for quality and fitness. Migrate your data with minimal risk and no delays.

Let your data migration succeed

Use the T2S migration platform to transport data to your new solution. Our proven platform for transporting and validating data.

How does it work?

Customer story – Interview with John Wittekamp CTO DELTA Fiber Netherlands

Monitor and Optimize your Data Quality

Data Quality Monitor

Data is a crucial production factor, and high-quality data will boost your daily operations. T2S gives you the tool to make data work: the Data Quality Monitor. The fast and easy tool that tracks the quality of your data.

The Data Quality Monitor gives you clarity. It empowers you to steer by the realities in your data. Say goodbye to vague estimates and guesswork. From now on you can deal in facts.

Continuous improvement

The clarity is not just there for a week or a month; using the data quality dashboard leads to continuous improvement of your data. Over time, the facts keep adding up, and you get progressive insight.

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