Syngenta Streamlines Receiving Process with Productlabel

Single System for Suppliers

Syngenta Productlabel Supplier Portal

Syngenta has chosen Productlabel, one of the Software-as-a-Service labeling solutions of Type2Solutions, to expose managed barcode labeling functionality to all its suppliers worldwide. The company, manufacturer of agri chemicals and seeds, had been looking for a solution that would be suitable for worldwide use.

Single system for suppliers

Finding the right solution was not easy, using the solution they found however is, as Jeroen Kruyt, Team Leader Goods Receiving at Syngenta, puts it, “There was only one must-have for our future labeling solution: it had to be as straightforward as possible. We most certainly found that in Productlabel.”

The Result

“ One of the main goals was to keep things simple and straightforward. Ours are global operations with more than two hundred suppliers scattered over the whole world. Each of these suppliers have their own way to condition and ship their products, with varying degrees of automation. So to come to a single system which would be usable by suppliers anywhere in the world, the most important thing was to keep things simple. And with Productlabel, we did just that. ”
Jeroen Kruyt Team Leader Goods Receiving at Syngenta

Two weeks become two days

Syngenta’s top twenty suppliers have started using the Productlabel supplier portal which allows them to easily and quickly create their label, wherever they are in the world.

The end users are pleased with the result. And when asked what benefits the project has brought to Syngenta as an organization, Piet Zweed puts it this way: “Benefits? Where we were spending two weeks before we now only need two days. I think that pretty much says it all.”

Project Details

  • Supplying facilities worldwide use Productlabel
  • Easily create standardized barcode labels
  • Every shipment can be scanned and matched to the information in Syngenta’s SAP system
  • Streamlining the global receiving process

Embracing the Productlabel concept

Everybody at Syngenta, from production to order management, embraces the Productlabel concept and understands how important it is for the organization.

“That took a while”, say Piet Zweed and Jeroen Kruyt, “but we succeeded in automating the processes in their individual areas of expertise. The global receiving process, the place where it really all begins, has now been streamlined. On to the next step.”


Saving by working error-free with barcodes

Interview in Primeur Magazine with Syngenta

Primeur Magazine, independent magazine for the fruit and vegetable trade, interviewed Jos Broersen of Syngenta’s quality department about the Productlabel Vendor Portal.

Read the full article here.

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