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Would you like your suppliers to provide your products with a barcode label you desire?

The Productlabel software is a user-friendly online portal and accessible worldwide (https). You can provide your suppliers with access to a personalized and secured Productlabel environment.

Always the right barcode label

Your suppliers or manufacturers generate barcode labels that are defined by you and apply these on all products and their outer packaging. Your goods are logistically traceable, and receipt of goods is efficient and quick.

Secured web environment

Your advantage is that you facilitate efficient labelling of your own goods for your external suppliers or manufacturers.

Upon creating the label, Productlabel ensures that the label contains the correct variable information such as the product code, gross or net weight, best before date, or batch/lot number.

Expandable with SSCC labels and EDI

Would you like your suppliers to provide your pallets with a SSCC label and send the electronic packing slip (DESADV / ASN) you desire? The Productlabel portal is expandable with the Pallet label module and the EDI platform.

Syngenta streamlines incoming process

Since the logistic process of seeds is quite complex, Syngenta switched to product labelling to better manage the inbound process.

A barcode proved to be indispensable in order to streamline goods receipt and have proper insight into inventory management.

Around the world, suppliers of Syngenta are logging into the Syngenta Productlabel portal to generate correct barcode labels based on SAP-data.

Syngenta Vendor Productlabel Portal

“Productlabel has made our logistics easier. Our vendors are able to use Productlabel from anywhere in the world. On the basis of SAP data they are able to generate the right product labels with a barcode such that every delivery can be scanned and subsequently verified in our SAP system”, says Piet Zweed, Process Specialist at Syngenta.

From two weeks to two days

“Despite the complexity of the project the business case was easy to write. The time needed for the inbound process went from two weeks to two days, causing the probability of errors caused by a mix-up of goods to be almost non-existent.”

Eichholtz Supplier Portal

Uniform shipping mark labels

Eichholtz is one of the world’s leading lifestyle businesses in the field of interior design and is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. 

Dennis Hendriks, Operations Director at Eichholtz, explains why they implemented the Productlabel vendor portal.

“The ERP has standard document generation abilities, we do, however, have specific requirements when it comes to box labels. These boxes are consumer packages. There’s simply a limit, design-wise, you run into with an ERP. We also want to prevent back and forth emails with the suppliers. We want to communicate in a standardized, structured manner.”

Productlabel Portal

“Using the Productlabel Portal, all 120 suppliers can globally generate barcode labels in a user friendly and secure manner. They can also use it to print the shipping labels. Not just for Eichholtz, but also for the newly designed Philipp Plein home collection.”

Interview with Dennis Hendriks, Operations Director, about the Productlabel vendor portal and data quality management.

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    Frequently asked questions about supplier portal

    Vendor Portals, also known as Supplier Portals, are platforms that allow businesses to connect and collaborate with their suppliers on the internet.

    A Supplier portal, or also known as a vendor portal, is a secure internet-based Software-as-a-Service solution that allows companies to manage and connect with 3rd party suppliers of goods and/or services.