Data Quality Scan

Master data analysis

Data Quality Scan

Would you like to start monitoring data quality within your organization? The data quality scan helps you on your way.

Audit of your master data

To help you on your way with data quality, we offer a Data Quality Scan.

During this scan we perform an audit of a current set of data. This can be, for example, article data and/or debtor and creditor data.

This analysis will take a maximum of 5 working days in total and has a lead time of 2 weeks.

Data analysis

We analyze the current master data with data management advice as deliverable, including a plan of approach for managing and cleaning the data.

The scan starts with 1 day on-site with one of our T2S data specialists. He or she will look at the current environment in general and at bottlenecks, design, and the master data process in particular.

We follow our proven 5-step plan for data quality.

Content of the scan

Analysis of your data

Specifically, we carry out the following activities, among others:

  • Conversations with involved (technical) personnel
  • View the input and management process
  • Analyze data sets and the elements within them that you want to optimize
  • View the control mechanism(s) and rules that apply
  • Inventory of IT system environment, and wishes and requirements for the new situation

Afterwards we unlock the data set, together, and start analyzing the data. We make this visible to you using the Data Quality Monitor.

The Data Quality Monitor: online dashboard for monitoring, managing and optimizing your data.

Data management advice

The result

The result of the data quality scan is insight into the current quality of your data. We present the results of the analysis and you will receive a report in which all exceptions we have found are included per category. In addition, we offer you a future-proof plan for cleaning up and maintaining your data quality.

Strategic advantage

Our advice is aimed at showing you that a continuous focus on data quality can increase your results and give you a strategic advantage.

Data Quality Monitor

The T2S Data Quality Monitor helps you to tackle data quality issues. It provides that kind of insight that makes it possible to improve and maintain data quality.

Start using the Data Quality Dashboard today to see for yourself how it can help you.

T2S-Datakwaliteit Monitor

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