OFD uses Palletlabel for Retail

GS1 Labeling

GS1 Labeling

From its distribution center located in the Rotterdam harbor, Origin Fruit Direct ships fruit mainly grown in South Africa and South America to retailers and juice producers all over Europe. Its South African parent company, the Afrifresh Group, owns an ever-growing number of fruit farms.

When OFD received requests from several European retailers to deliver pallets with a GS1 label from this point forward, it found the solution in Type2Solutions’ SaaS application Palletlabel.

With Palletlabel, Origin Fruit Direct not only complies with the GS1 standard but is also able to fulfill all its customers’ labeling requirements.

Fulfill Customers’ Labeling Requirements

“ Palletlabel is a user-friendly, flexible web application that has allowed us to fulfill the most diverse customer labeling requirements. In that sense, Palletlabel integrates very nicely with the customer-centric approach we take pride in at Origin Fruit Direct. ”
Charika Sundermeijer Account manager at Origin Fruit Direct

Retail Requires GS1 Pallet Labels

“This year, a number of European retailers added GS1-compliant pallet labels to their requirements. Other customers asked for what is know as a box-end label, with a GS1 article number (GTIN). These were all new terms to us.”, explains Charika Sundermeijer. “We asked GS1 Nederland for advice, but quite quickly we realized that implementing a GS1 label is more complicated that one would think. Through GS1’s web site we were able to find a number of GS1 Solution Providers that would be able to assist us. Type 2 Solutions immediately caught our attention.”

Project Details

  • User-friendly smart web application
  • Fulfill specific labeling requirements
  • Meet GS1 standards
  • SSCC automatically generated

Transparent Pricing Model

“Type2Solutions’ way to approach the problem, their focus on results, and the transparent pricing model gave us confidence. After a demo session held at our offices, we chose for Palletlabel.

As a GS1 Solution Provider, Type 2 Solutions has access to the international GS1 network, and in preparation of the Palletlabel rollout they got in touch with our retail customers and the GS1 chapters in the different countries we serve. Palletlabel enables us to fulfill the specific labeling requirements of our retail customers.”

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