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Type 2 Solutions (T2S) is a data management specialist. Our areas of expertise are: data integration, data migration and data quality. By integrating, cleansing, migrating and managing data across platforms we produce accurate, consistent and valuable information.

T2S helps organizations to quickly implement process and system changes. We do this by deploying our data specialists and tools within the organization on a project basis.

Due to our experience, for more than 18 years, the time required for setup and realization is limited. This ensures that our customers quickly achieve the desired result.

Find out how we can help you get more value out of your data.

Datamigratie T2S

Data Migration

Your new solution needs to fuse your ongoing data flow with your historical data. But that data is stuck in your legacy system. You face the challenge of finding and extracting your old data. The data has to be checked for quality and fitness. Migrate your data with minimal risk and no delays.

Migration Platform

Let your data migration succeed. Use the T2S migration platform to transport data to your new solution. Our proven platform for transporting and validating data. How does it work?

Data Quality Management

You are responsible for the business processes in your department. You need to know what’s going on, but you have more data than you can handle. Until the data is clean and available, critical facts and figures stay unknown. Turning this data into information takes special care and know-how.


Data Quality Dashboard

Data is a crucial production factor, and high-quality data will boost your daily operations. T2S gives you the tool to make data work: the Data Quality Monitor. The fast and easy tool that tracks the quality of your data.

GDSN Mapping Service

The T2S GDSN Mapping Service automatically translates the data from the GS1 Data Source Healthcare (GDSN) to the commonly used fields in the Healthcare sector and the information required by the Dutch National Implants Registry (LIR).

It can also automatically retrieve the Snomed CT code relevant for the LIR that belongs to a product.


Have you been asked by your customers to send EDI messages? Meet their requirements and avoid manual processing with the Type 2 Solutions’ EDI platform.

Our EDI platform is compatible with most IT systems and guarantees fast and safe EDI communication between you and your customers. We provide a fully integrated solution for EDI and SSCC labels.

Healthcare Solutions

Would you like to meet healthcare regulations, comply with the GS1 standards and ensure traceability and patient safety?

T2S offers solutions for data migration, integration with GDSN, data quality and for barcode labeling and EDI.

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