GDSN Mapping Service

Meet Healthcare Requirements

Automated GDSN Mapping Service

The T2S GDSN Mapping Service automatically translates the data from the GS1 Data Source Healthcare (GDSN) to the information required by the National Implants Register (LIR), as well as to commonly used fields in the Healthcare sector (the ECHO-model). It can also automatically retrieve the Snomed CT code relevant for the LIR that belongs to a product.

T2S performs this translation with their proven Migration Platform. You can receive this translated data in any format you’d desire and easily process it in your EPD or ERP-system. Fit to purpose.

  • Meet healthcare requirements with the Type2Solutions' GDSN Mapping Service.
  • Automatically transforms the GDSN (GS1 Data Source) data.
  • Link between GMDN code of a product and Snomed CT code.
  • Fit to purpose. In any format you'd desire.
  • Simply process the data in your ERP- or EPD-system.

How does it work?

1. Registration

You subscribe to the GS1 Data Source Healthcare (GDSN) and to the T2S GDSN Mapping Service.

2. Automated Service

Based on your Global Location Number (GLN), T2S receives the data from your suppliers through GS1 Data Source Healthcare (GDSN).

3. Fit to Purpose

The T2S GDSN Mapping Service automatically transforms the data from GDSN to a file format of choice, containing only the relevant data.

4. Simple Processing

Easily process the file in your EPD or ERP-system. The data you need to comply to the LIR is now at your disposal.

GDSN EPD Healthcare

Fit to Purpose

Using the T2S GDSN Mapping Service you can receive the information as you choose. Resulting in easily being able to process needed article data in your system. Saving time, working more efficiently and meeting legislations.

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