Implant Scanner Application

Receive product information at lightning speed!

With the T2S Implant Scanner application you’ll receive product information via a simple barcode scan from the GDSN GS1 Data Source Healthcare at lightning speed. If there’s no barcode available, or if it’s been damaged, the GTIN (GS1 item number) can also be typed in manually.

The T2S GDSN Scanner application uses an API, which retrieves information from GDSN and enriches it with the SNOMED-CT code based on the GMDN, the Global Medical Device Nomenclature.

The application is easily accessible via web and has a user-friendly interface.

Barcode scanning

Typical Use Case

  • In the Operating Room a loan set of implants has been used.
  • However, these loan sets are often not registered in the electronic healthcare systems (EMR).
  • So not all information required for e.g. the Dutch National Implants Registry (LIR) is readily available.

So how does it work?

  • A staff member scans the barcode (that contains the GTIN):
    • The barcode can also be a complete UDI barcode (DataMatrix / GS1-128).
    • If no barcode is available, the staff member can type in the GTIN manually.
  • The API checks if the GTIN is correct and valid.
  • The API retrieves the relevant information from the GDSN product database.
  • The API enriches this information with the SNOMED CT code.
  • The API checks if the information is complete and correct. Any incorrect or missing values are marked in red.
  • After successful retrieval the data is presented to the user and can be:
    • Copied to the clipboard.
    • Downloaded (Excel, CSV, JSON, XML).
    • Send by mail or send to another API or application depending on your needs.
  • The complete process takes less than a second.
artikel data

The Result

With the T2S Implant Scanner Application the information required for the Dutch National Implants Registry (LIR) is readily available.

On top of that it helps Healthcare organizations to optimize the data quality of their products registered in the Electronic health record system (EMR) and/or ERP system.

Optimize Master Data Quality

Data is a crucial factor, and high-quality article data will help you meet regulations and boost your daily operations. T2S gives you the tool to make data work: the Data Quality Monitor. The fast and easy tool that tracks the quality of your data.

The Data Quality Monitor is an online user-friendly dashboard that guards the quality standards for newly-entered data and keeps exceptions to these standards in a plain view. The owner of the data can take appropriate action and track the data quality over time.

Receive Data from GDSN

With the T2S GDSN Mapping Service you can receive the GDSN data in any format you’d desire and easily process it in your EMR or ERP-system. Fit for purpose.

The GDSN Mapping Service automatically translates the data from the GS1 Data Source Healthcare (GDSN) to the commonly used fields in the Healthcare sector and/or to the information required by the Dutch National Implants Registry (LIR). It also automatically enriches the data with the Snomed CT code relevant for the LIR that belongs to a product.

GDSN Mapping Service T2S GS1

Healthcare solutions

T2S offers a broad range of solutions especially for healthcare. From barcode labeling and EDI to data migration, integration and data quality.

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