Electronic Article Data Interchange at NedZink

Exchange Article Data in a Snap

An ERP implementation followed by a successful article data exchange project. This combination of initiatives helped the zinc manufacturer reinvigorate the relationship with its customers, and enabled it to automatically exchange correct article data with customers in a snap.

A request from three of the principal wholesale partners to deliver article master data electronically using EDIFACT came almost right after the completion of the implementation. “The Type2Solutions framework, with the Migration Platform and the Data Quality Dashboard, turned out to be the ideal combination to get a grip on our article master data,” says Roel Frissen, Manager Operations.

The Result

“ The Type2Solutions Migration Platform handles the validation and distribution of article master data to NedZink’s partners, in the format they require. It also plays a role in feeding that data into the complex network of suppliers and buyers surrounding NedZink. Type2Solutions has become an invaluable partner in consolidating all those requirements on a single platform. ”
Roel Frissen Manager Operations at NedZink

Master Data Management

For Frissen, both the accuracy of the data and the fact that it is consolidated in one place are of utmost importance. “Every field in our article master data has to be populated, and everybody needs to be looking at the same information, from office to field staff. In our contact with our customers, we want to deliver a single consistent message. After all, they use this information in their operations, too. The path towards automated exchange of information only increases the significance of accurate data. You would want to avoid calling back and forth to get data corrected. The Data Quality Dashboard does all that for us: it continuously monitors data quality and gives us a deeper understanding of the issues.”

Project Details

  • Data Management project readies NedZink for data interchange with B2B partners
  • Migration Platform handles the distribution of article master data
  • NedZinks' partners receive data in the format they require
  • Maintaining data entry discipline with the Data Quality Dashboard

Maintaining Data Quality

The manufacturing location in Budel Dorplein is certainly not the most current facility, but Frissen is convinced that it can measure up to its competition using more recent machinery because of its state-of-the-art manufacturing process monitoring and its commitment to quality.

“The foundation must always be solid, and at NedZink, it is. We are ready for flexible data exchange of all article-related and invoice data. We also have managed to leave the beaten path by coaxing our staff to keep their records digitally. It is the only way to ensure a quick response to customer requests. It is also the best way to make service at least as important as price.” The Data Quality Dashboard plays an important role in controlling the processes: “The ERP system carries out quite a few checks, but that is far from sufficient.”

In Control

“We are most certainly pleased by the display of expertise and know-how by Type2Solutions. While many IT projects tend to be tedious, the data management project here was really painless. The migration platform was set up in very little time and enables us to analyze the situation at a moment’s notice. Thanks to the involvement and proactivity of Type2Solutions, we have gained back the control and understanding of our business. The data makes sense again, which provides clarity, relief and structure.”

It is now only a matter of upholding the discipline in data maintenance, says the Manager Operations, “so bring on those customer requirements and electronic data interchange requests, because we are ready for them!”

Migration Platform

Let your data migration succeed. Use the T2S migration platform to transport data to your new solution. Our proven platform for transporting and validating data. How does it work?

Data Quality Dashboard

Data is a crucial production factor, and high-quality data will boost your daily operations. T2S gives you the tool to make data work: the Data Quality Monitor. The fast and easy tool that tracks the quality of your data.

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