Data-driven Label Management

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Create, manage and centralize labels, comply with GS1 standards, food, healthcare or GHS hazmat regulations and give your supply chain a boost with T2S label management solutions.

Our versatile suite consists of 6 barcode label solutions. Palletlabel (SSCC) and EDI, Productlabel, Mediclabel and Assetlabel are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. One2Label and One2Label Automation are installed on a (virtual) server and are linked to an information system.

All our solutions are developed by Type 2 Solutions and use the same technology: our proven labeling and rendering engine that we have successfully deployed with our customers worldwide since 2002.

Discover our suite of barcode labeling and EDI products.

T2S One2Label

One2Label T2SOne2Label

One2Label is our enterprise labeling solution for global industries. This web based, data-driven solution generates labels based on data available in your ERP system. Do you want to serve your customers better and to comply with regulatory requirements?

One2Label Automation

One2Label Automation is an unattended labeling application that automates repetitive printing tasks. Automated printing is triggered by business events in your ERP, WMS or MES. It is an effective way to avoid user errors and maximize performance.

PalletLabel T2SPalletlabel and EDI

Palletlabel creates GS1 labels and corresponding EDI messages with SSCCs on-the-fly. Give your supply chain a boost without IT overhead. Create your first SSCC-label right now!

ProductLabel T2SProductlabel

Productlabel is an affordable, simple and accessible way to create bar code labels for your products, boxes and more. Try it for free! Create your EAN-13 barcode label here.

Type2solutions medic label

MedicLabel T2SMediclabel

Mediclabel is a labeling solution specifically designed for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Comply with healthcare standards (UDI/MDR/FMD), increase traceability and patient safety by using Mediclabel. Create your first GS1 Datamatrix label right now!


Tag your valuable assets with unique barcode labels for traceability and maintenance purposes. Supports the GS1 standard (GIAI/GRAI). Assetlabel is an easy-to-use SaaS application.

Data-driven label management

Creating a product, shipping, or SSCC label seems simple, but keeping it manageable without a proliferation of labels and information is another story. A profession of its own, if you like.

With the unique data-driven software solutions of Type 2 Solutions, creating, managing and centralizing labels is child’s play and entirely according to the GS1 standard and laws and regulations. 

“It is important that labels are created in a standardized and structured way to keep it manageable on one hand and to prevent label sprawl on the other. Certainly for retail, where in fact scanning takes place everywhere in the supply chain, good labeling and good product identification are crucial. Data-driven label management helps to label in a simple and standardized way, while also being able to respond quickly to changes. ”

With data-driven label management you get much more value out of the supply chain.

SSCC label datamatrix

Client Results

“ When you consider the diverse product lines we offer, the complexities of regulatory compliance and customer requirements of the markets we serve, and the global nature of our supply chain footprint, the One2Label solution is an ideal package that enables us to meet all of these needs with a system that can be quickly deployed with basic training requirements. ”
David E. Stone Director Operations Planning at FMC
“ With their knowledge and experience of GS1 standards and label management, Type 2 Solutions have been an excellent advisor. Mediclabel is a user-friendly solution that fits nicely in our process. It fulfills our specific requirements and helps us achieve our ultimate goal: optimal safety of logistic and administrative processes. We do feel ‘in control’. ”
Nathalie Tjassens Curan Medical
“ Type 2 Solutions immediately caught our attention. Their way to approach the problem, their focus on results, and the transparent pricing model gave us confidence. After a demo session held at our offices, we chose for Palletlabel. ”
Bert van Leeuwen and Charika Sundermeijer Account managers at Origin Fruit Direct
“ One of the main goals was to keep things simple and straightforward. Ours are global operations with more than two hundred suppliers scattered over the whole world. Each of these suppliers have their own way to condition and ship their products, with varying degrees of automation. So to come to a single system which would be usable by suppliers anywhere in the world, the most important thing was to keep things simple. And with Productlabel, we did just that. ”
Jeroen Kruyt Team Leader Goods Receiving at Syngenta

GS1 Solution Provider

Type 2 Solutions is a GS1 Solution Provider.
Our solutions are approved by GS1 Nederland, GS1 UK, GS1 US and GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg.


Whitepaper: Significance of Labeling in the Supply Chain

The supply chain can be optimized by implementing standards, using machine-readable labels, and making use of EDI. The label is the carrier of the identification within the supply chain, and therefore a crucial link in the chain.

The complexity of the labeling process depends on legal provisions, customer requirements and factors internal to the organization. With an increasing number of products, facilities, and customers comes an increasing need of flexibility and manageability of the labeling process.

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