Curan in Control with Mediclabel

Fulfill traceability requirements

Fulfill Traceability Requirements

Curan Medical B.V. designs, develops, manufactures and trades in intermittent catheters. The specialist in medical equipment is located in the Dutch city of Doetinchem. Manufacturing operations are located in China.

“As sterile products, catheters are class 2a medical devices for which traceability records must be maintained. In order to achieve this traceability, we needed a solution able to handle GS1 labeling as required in our process.”, says Nathalie Tjassens, product manager at Curan Medical.“ By implementing Mediclabel, Curan has been able to successfully fulfill traceability requirements for sterile medical devices.

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Effective process control using GS1 standards

“ With their knowledge and experience of GS1 standards and label management, Type2Solutions have been an excellent advisor. Mediclabel is a user-friendly solution that fits nicely in our process. It fulfills our specific requirements and helps us achieve our ultimate goal: optimal safety of logistic and administrative processes. We do feel ‘in control’. ”
Nathalie Tjassens Product Manager Curan Medical

User-friendly Web Interface

“Mediclabel is accessible anywhere in the world through a user-friendly web interface. It enables us to create GS1 article numbers (GTIN) based on our GS1 company code and to maintain all necessary product attributes. Volatile data, such as batch number and expiry date, can be entered, and with a click on a button, Mediclabel generates our product labels, including the unique GS1-DataMatrix barcode as defined by the GS1 standards.”

Mediclabel ensure that all label-related information is maintained centrally and is accessible and maintainable. “All our product and label information can be accessed any time from anywhere. This ability fulfilled one of our particular requirements for a labeling system: traceability and support for possible product recalls.”

Project Details

  • T2S took care of implementing our product labels
  • Optimizing safety, logistics and back-office processes
  • Using the GS1 DataMatrix helps achieve our goal
  • Compliance with traceability requirements for medical devices

Perfect fit to our process

“We got to know to Type 2 Solutions through GS1 Nederland, who introduced them as a GS1 Solution Provider offering labeling software tailored to the health care industry: Mediclabel. As a web-based service implementing the GS1 standard, this solution was a perfect fit for our process.”

“Type 2 Solutions took care of implementing our current Curan product label in Mediclabel. And now, each and every Curan location, whether it is a manufacturing facility or a warehouse, can quickly and easily generate the Curan box label, including the GS1-128 barcode.”, says David van Groningen, managing director at Curan Medical B.V.