One2Label Improves FMC’s Supply Chain

Online connection to SAP

Online Connection to SAP

FMC Health and Nutrition is a division of the Specialty Chemicals Group of FMC Corporation, and is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. Its products, complex blends, improve the stability, efficacy, and sensory characteristics of foods, pharmaceuticals, personal care, household and other products.

With the implementation of SAP, all FMC Health and Nutritions’ manufacturing locations worldwide were re-aligned to the same ERP system and had to migrate away from their legacy systems. A good opportunity to move away from the location-specific stand-alone labeling applications, and towards a more centralized, corporate identity-aware solution that would enable FMC to ensure their compliance with local and international legislation, and to meet their customers’ specific requirements in terms of labeling.

FMC Health and Nutrition found the solution in One2Label, Type 2 Solutions’ labeling software featuring online connectivity with FMC’s SAP system and dynamic label delivery over the web.

The One2Label Solution Is an Ideal Package

“ When you consider the diverse product lines we offer, the complexities of regulatory compliance and customer requirements of the markets we serve, and the global nature of our supply chain footprint, the One2Label solution is an ideal package that enables us to meet all of these needs with a system that can be quickly deployed with basic training requirements. ”
Dave Stone Director Operations Planning FMC Health and Nutrition

Accommodate Customer Requirements

The philosophy behind One2Label is to maintain all labeling-related data in the One2Label repository instead of trying to modify the underlying ERP system every time a new or changed requirement emerges.

Easy-to-maintain business rules can accommodate virtually any conceivable customer requirement, ranging from specific text, codes or formats to barcodes and symbols. Groups allow for custom groupings of business entities for the most diverse purposes.

Project Details

  • One2Label quickly deployed with online SAP connectivity
  • Fulfilling customer requirements
  • Implementing GS1 standards
  • Meet regulatory requirements

Flexibility, Globalization & Traceability

One2Label can access all labeling-related data via the online connection to SAP. The centralized, web-based management of that data and its immediate effect on the labeling operations allow FMC Health and Nutrition to adjust to market, process and customer requirement changes almost immediately.

The Asian market is a major focus for FMC. The road to Asia is open with One2Label, supporting over 40 languages, such as Chinese. Through the completely web-based character of the system, One2Label provides FMC with a global reach and great portability to new locations. Legal compliance is ensured through fully auditable and traceable operations, GS1 support, and centralized composition maintenance.

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One2Label is our enterprise labeling solution for global industries. This web based, data-driven solution generates labels based on data available in your ERP system. Do you want to serve your customers better and to comply with regulatory requirements?

Data-driven Label Management

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