Type 2 Solutions launches hybrid labeling solution

Type 2 Solutions launches hybrid solution for generating and printing SSCC labels from the cloud.

This solution combines the simplicity of SaaS with the speed and flexibility of an on-premise label printing solution through an API connection.

With this solution, companies can print barcode labels from all locations, anywhere in the world.

Online, fast, safe and reliable.

SSCC labeling from the cloud with API technology

“Companies often find it complex to make a GS1-compliant SSCC label or pallet label themselves. This is because the data on the label, such as the Serial Shipping Container Code and the barcodes, have to meet very many requirements. These requirements can also differ per customer,” says Judith de Witte of Type 2 Solutions, which focuses on data and label management.

“They often start with a SaaS labeling solution in which the desired label can easily be generated manually. But as the volume of SSCC labels increases, sometimes a SaaS solution is not fast and flexible enough.”

As an example, she mentions a customer who wants to print labels simultaneously on 10 industrial printers from three locations, and that for several customers who each have their own label and layout. This customer wanted to enrich data from its own ERP system with data in the SaaS labeling solution and print the labels directly on the printer that is linked to the location of the ERP user.

Time saving

An API link can offer a solution in such a case, Judith says. She indicates that this new technology prevents delays and avoids errors because the API makes double (manual) entries unnecessary. “You submit a label request via the API and the rest happens automatically.”

The Palletlabel SaaS labeling solution enriches the request with the unique SSCCs and chooses the right layout based on the recipient’s data. In response to the label request, the API provides a message with which the on-premises solution, for example One2Label Automation, prints the correct label at lightning speed on the correct printer.

Type 2 Solutions can support this with different types of customer-specific labels, such as the Coop Denmark SSCC label and the GS1-DataMatrix label for fresh products in which you can process batch/lot and shelf life information.