Generating and printing SSCC Labels from the Cloud

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Generating SSCC Labels from the cloud

When your customers ask you to apply SSCC labels to your shipping units (pallets), you could use our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution called “Palletlabel”. Using Palletlabel you can easily meet your customers’ requirements and the GS1 standard.

Palletlabel generates the correct label as a PDF with the unique Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) and you can print the PDF-file as you normally would.

Can we speed up the process?

Printing SSCC-labels from the cloud

Labels from Palletlabel cannot be printed directly due to standard browser security. The labels will need to be downloaded and opened first, to print them using your regular printer. In many cases, this isn’t an issue, but sometimes, speed is of the essence. Examples are high volume environments, or multiple industrial (line) printers.

Hybrid solution

For these situations, we’ve developed a hybrid solution. This solution combines the ease of Palletlabel with the speed and flexibility of One2Label Automation, our on-premises label printing software, using an API connection.

API technology

API is an abbreviation for Application Programming Interface. An API enables communication between different systems and software, by providing an ‘entrance’. This entrance can be used to communicate and exchange data.

How does this work?

API call

From inside your secure network, you execute a call to our API containing the SSCC label data. The API processes this call and forwards it to the SaaS solution.

Generating labels in the cloud

This, in turn, processes the content of your request, enriches the data, saves it to a central database, and sends a response to the API. The response is transformed to a message that can be picked up by the on-premises software One2Label Automation.

Printing labels from the cloud

This process also determines the correct label layout needed for the customer. One2Label Automation handles the request and directly sends the label job to your printer(s).

Use case

Imagine you’d like to print labels in 3 different locations, on 10 industrial printers and meet label requirements for multiple customers.

The answer is simple. You send the API your request and everything else is handled automatically.

The SaaS-solution enriches your request, chooses the correct label layout, and generates the SSCCs.

The API handles the communication and One2Label automation prints the SSCC labels using the correct printer.

Labels available everywhere

You can generate and print labels from all your locations, anywhere in the world.

And if it’s ever needed to reprint a label, or to check generated labels, there’s a PDF copy of the label available in the SaaS environment.

You could compare this solution with a print transaction.

Online, fast, secure, and reliable.


Examples of advantages of an API are exchanging real-time data in a standardized manner, optimizing processes, operational efficiency, and reducing IT related costs.

Free trial available

Try out the SSCC-label API and One2Label Automation and discover the possibilities. Fill in your details and we will send you all the information.

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