Mediclabel for Confexion & JOYinCARE

Confexion & JOYinCARE and Mediclabel

Confexion manufactures an extensive range of standard slings and aids. They are the number 1 in the Netherlands in fitting and making lifting slings specially adapted to the individual client.

The choice of materials is tailored to the comfort of the client and the reduction of physical strain for the caregiver. The products are finished and checked down to the last detail to ensure that they deliver good, safe and reliable products. And thanks to production in the Netherlands, Confexion can switch quickly.

Useful for delivery times and developing new solutions!

Made in Holland

Confexion is the production company of the JOYinCARE products and is located in Assen.

The slings and aids that Confexion makes for JOYinCARE are in most cases sent directly from Assen to customers in elderly, disabled and rehabilitation care.

This way they save thousands of kilometers on (internal) transport.

Social involvement

Together with healthcare professionals and clients, Confexion is continuously looking for new developments to improve the comfort and ease of use of the products. The experienced seamstresses think along with the possibilities and ensure high quality.

Since the start, Confexion has employed regular employees, but also employees who are at a distance from the labor market. Motivation and experience are especially important for the work, and good guidance is provided.

For years, any limitations or other backgrounds have no longer played a role in this way and a safe and pleasant working environment is created for everyone.

Green Care Concept

Confexion and JOYinCARE strive to limit their CO2 footprint.

The materials used are sustainable and with the Green Care Concept they are fully committed to repair and recycling.

The Green Care Concept is a circular way of working to improve the environmental impact of JOYinCARE lifting slings. They look at impact from the entire process of the product; from production, shipping, use and repair to collection and recycling.

Step by step, they implement improvements to reduce the burden on the products and thus contribute to making healthcare more sustainable.

GS1 Data Matrix label

With the Mediclabel software from Type 2 Solutions, the slings are provided with a GS1 DataMatrix label. The barcode is placed on a washable label. The sling is traceable.

The lifespan of the slings can be extended by repairing the slings yourself at Confexion in Assen. This makes a significant difference in costs and the burden on the environment.

JOYful collaboration

Confexion and JOYinCARE are proud of their commitment to quality, sustainability and social responsibility.

And we are proud of our JOYful collaboration!