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Data-driven label management

Creating a product, shipping, or SSCC label seems simple, but keeping it manageable without a proliferation of labels and information is another story. A profession of its own, if you like.

Type 2 Solutions specializes in data and label management. With the unique software solutions, creating, managing and centralizing labels is child’s play and entirely according to the GS1 standard and laws and regulations. With data-driven label management you get much more value out of the supply chain.

Labeling in a simple and standardized way

A good label meets international requirements, standards and legislation, explains Judith de Witte, Sales & Marketing Manager at Type 2 Solutions.

“It is important that labels are created in a standardized and structured way to keep it manageable on one hand and to prevent label sprawl on the other. Certainly for retail, where in fact scanning takes place everywhere in the supply chain, good labeling and good product identification are crucial. Data-driven label management helps to label in a simple and standardized way, while also being able to respond quickly to changes. We have developed a number of software solutions for this. ”

GS1 standard

We are active in various sectors and have six label management solutions. With these solutions we support organisations in complying to the GS1 standard.

“Our solutions Palletlabel, Productlabel, Mediclabel and Assetlabel are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and use web services,” explains Judith. “One2Label and One2Label Automation are installed on a (virtual) server and are linked to an information system, an ERP and WMS system respectively. All our solutions are developed by Type 2 Solutions and use the same technology: our proven labeling and rendering engine that we have successfully deployed with our customers worldwide since 2002. ”

Improve traceability with an SSCC-label

In physical retail, products are often already labeled. However, according to Judith, retailers can still give their own twist to it.

“Require your suppliers to deliver according to the GS1 standard and thus with an SSCC label, the most widely used supply chain standard worldwide. It allows you to streamline the receipt of goods and also improves traceability. Our user-friendly Palletlabel software helps suppliers to easily meet the GS1 standard and the requirements of the retail. ”

SSCC label datamatrix

Single source of truth

Products without an initial barcode can also quickly and easily be fixed by creating an unique identity (barcode) via the software, without having to make large investments.

“We have the SaaS application Product Label available for this,” says Judith. “Retailers and suppliers do not have to install software and can code in the cloud in a standardized manner, fully grafted on the GS1 standard (GTIN). Manage codes and provide products with a scannable barcode, for example the well-known EAN-13 barcode or the GS1 DataMatrix in which the GTIN as well as the expiration date and a batch number can be included. The software solution is modular and can be expanded with Palletlabel (SSCC) and EDI. The major advantage of creating a label in a standardized way is that the label is more manageable and retailers can also respond more quickly to changes. Because all product data is fixed, it is a matter of filling the label template with the desired (and possibly customer-specific) data. The number of templates thus remains limited, which makes it extremely clear and manageable. Good label management, where everything is structured, standardized and checked at the front, makes the generation of a barcode label less error-prone.”

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