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Integrated EDI platform

Have you been asked by your customers to send EDI messages? Meet their requirements and avoid manual processing with the Type 2 Solutions’ EDI platform.

Example of an EDI integration

EDI and Dynamics 365

Integrate your EDI communication with your Dynamics 365 without additional software. Our EDI Platform offers API’s which can communicate with Dynamics 365 in order to exchange orders, invoices, and other EDI messages. Saving you time and, ultimately, money.

Working with another IT-systeem? Then read on about how we can help you with EDI.

Our default EDI messages

Is your business active in Retail or Do It Yourself? We have developed a standard solution for these industries. The most common EDI messages can be communicated, including orders (ORDERS), order receipts (APERAK), dispatch advice messages (DESADV) and invoices (INVOIC). The dispatch advice message is level 4, which means that it includes the SSCC codes.

A SSCC label can be generated through the T2S SSCC label API, the web-based application Palletlabel.com or the on-premises One2Label Automation. We will help you choose the appropriate solution for your case.

During implementation we will make sure that the messages meet the GS1 standard and your customer’s requirements.

Integrated EDI solution for numerous retailers.

A short summary of the benefits

Opting for an EDI connection saves time and prevents manual errors. The information is more accurate, easily accessible and is complete. It will improve the quality level of your customer service.

Orders (ORDERS)

The EDI ORDER message is delivered directly to you in a format that can be processed by your current software (for example XML or JSON).

Order receipt (APERAK)

The confirmation that the order has been received can be sent automatically to your trade partner.

Packing note (DESADV)

The electronic dispatch advice message is generated based on your SSCC. The SSCC (serial shipping container code) is a unique pallet identification and is part of the GS1 logistics label.

Invoices (INVOIC)

The invoice created by your bookkeeping software is automatically translated to the EDI standard before it is forwarded to your customer. We map, transform, and send the invoice via EDI. Your customer receives the invoice according to their specifications.

EDI platform

The standard EDI process, including generating a SSCC label, in combination with the T2S’ EDI platform.

Businesses using our software

Our EDI solutions are used at many companies throughout various industries such as Food, Medical and DIY.

Curious as to what our customers say about their experiences with us and our solutions?

Integration with any IT system

Working with something other than Dynamics 365? No problem! Our EDI platform is compatible with most IT systems and guarantees fast and safe EDI communication between you and your customers. Communication possibilities we support include, but are not limited to, API (REST and SOAP), AS2, X400, sFTP and e-mail.

We have experience connecting to SAP, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Exact (Online), and others. Our customers have working connections with both Dutch and abroad retailers such as AH, Jumbo, Intratuin, Carrefour, Coop Denmark, and many others.

We provide a fully integrated solution for EDI and SSCC labels.

  • Integrated EDI solution
  • EDI and SSCC-labels
  • Meet GS1 and customer requirements
  • Prevent mistakes, save time and money
  • Improve customer service

About Type 2 Solutions

We offer technical knowhow paired with experience and solutions on data and label management.

Our specialisms are data migration, data integration, data quality, EDI, barcode labels and the GS1 standard.

We have used our knowledge, experience, and software tools to provide optimal solutions for our customers for the last 18 years.

If you decide to work with Type 2 Solutions, we will think with you to provide you with the optimal solution for your EDI case.

We handle the communication between the relevant parties and setup the EDI connection.

You can start using EDI and SSCC labels without risk, saving time, preventing errors, and meeting your customers requirements.

So, how does it work?

We implement using a proven phased approach:

Step 1 – Analysis

EDI consists of multiple types of messages. They can be communicated with various trade partners and have different content.

In step one we check which messages you would like to exchange and with whom. We also analyze your customers requirements and the possibilities your IT system offers for data exchange.

Step 2 – Design

Most IT systems have different communication methods available to exchange data.

In this step we determine the best solution for your needs based on the analysis performed in step one. It will be made clear what is in scope of the project, and what is not.

Step 3 – Quote

Once it is clear what is required and what is possible within your IT infrastructure, we deliver a personalized quote.

This quote consists of a one-time implementation fee and a monthly usage fee. The monthly usage fee includes the number of messages, labels, and service & support. There is no limit to the number of user accounts for the software.

Step 4 – Implement & Test

Based on the agreement we will compose a planning together and start the implementation.

We will start the technical communication with the customer and your systems and keep you informed of the current status.

Step 5 – Go Live

The solution is tested extensively and, after approval, is brought live.

After this, you are all set to communicate using EDI and benefit from our solutions. Making less mistakes and saving time starts in this step.

Would you like to connect multiple trading partners?

The communication between the EDI platform and your IT system is already set up, and we have a connection ready with a large selection of retailers. Connecting to new partners is often a quick and efficient process.


Do you have any questions about EDI, SSCC labels or the solutions we offer? Feel free to contact us.

We can be reached via phone or WhatsApp at: +31 180 54 51 51. Or simply send us an email at info@t2s.nl.

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