What is a DESADV?

What is a DESADV EDI message?

DESADV is an abbreviation of despatch advice and is the electronic version of a packing slip.

It’s also known as an ASN (Advanced Shipping Note). The electronic packing slip contains information on the future delivery of goods.

DESADV message

Most commonly requested is a level 4 DESADV message. This means that the packing slip includes SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) information. SSCCs are codes which uniquely identify pallets and other shipping containers on a global scale. They are part of the GS1 logistic labels (SSCC labels) that are attached to the pallets in the shipment.

At which moment should the shipping note be sent?

The time to send the packing slip / DESADV message is after the goods have been readied for shipment and the pallets have been labelled. The pallets with SSCC labels (GS1 logistic labels) should already have been loaded into the truck.

The official moment to send out the EDI message is after the truck has closed. In practice it’s sometimes sent a bit earlier, but make sure you never send it before the goods are readied to ensure it contains the correct data.

Who should send out the shipping note?

The shipping note can be sent by you, but it’s also possible that a third party does this for you. An example would be your transportation partner, or your warehouse management partner, one of them could handle sending the DESADV message to your trading partners.

In our EDI platform it’s possible to add users with the role ‘operator’. The operator role allows the user to only generate SSCC labels and create/send DESADV messages, whereas an ‘administrator’ can manage master data such a products and locations (trading partners) as well. You can set whether DESADV messages are possible per trading partner.

Which information is part of a DESADV?

To start with, the DESADV message contains the details of the sending and receiving parties. This information is added based on the GLN (GS1 Location code) saved in your environment.

Order data

Additionally, there is data about the order such as the Purchase Order Number of your customer and the order date.

Naturally the DESADV also contains information about the shipping itself such as the expected delivery date and the number of pallets that are part of the shipment.

Detailed pallet information

The last section of the DESADV contains detailed information about each pallet that’s part of the shipment, such as the GTIN (GS1 product code), the number of boxes on the pallet and expiration dates.

This part is easily added based on the labels that have been created.

Overview of the DESADV header details. Information about the sending and receiving parties and additional data such as the Purchase Order Number of your customer and the order date.

How do I generate the EDI message?

After adding general information to the message in the EDI platform, you add the details about the shipping units (pallets, boxes, or crates). You select the SSCCs that have been generated and add them to the DESADV message.

Homogenic and mixed pallets

When the SSCC belongs to a homogenic (single trade unit) pallet, the item details from the labels are automatically added to the message. For mixed pallets, the product information can be inputted to add this to the packing slip.

Product information

The product details can contain the GTIN (GS1 product code), batch/lot information, expiration date, and/or the number of items per product, among other things.

Adding the details about the shipping units. Select the SSCCs that have been generated and add them to the DESADV message.

Advantages DESADV

The advantages of an advanced shipping notice (DESADV) are:

Faster goods receipt

The inbound logistical process can be automatised by scanning the SSCCs on the pallets and matching them with the data in the electronic packing slip. With a single scan all pallet information can be used to book in the goods received. You’ll know exactly what’s been delivered and gain more insight into your supply.

Process automation

By combing the DESADV with the EDI ORDERS and INVOIC messages the whole order to cash process can be automated. You’ll save on manual actions and have full control.

Optimized logistics planning

As a recipient you’ll know exactly what will be delivered and when. This is a great tool for optimizing your planning and logistical process. By gaining insight in operations, you can make clear agreements with your suppliers about deliveries.

Environment friendly

Not using paper documents such as packing slips and invoices lessens environmental impact, as well as savings on paper and ink.

Which solution matches your situation?


Your ERP or WMS directly calls our EDI API, and we’ll ensure the DESADV matches your customers’ requirements and send it directly to them. 


We can add our EDI connector in combination with our T2S EDI platform to your ERP or WMS. This is dependent on the integration possibilities of your current system. The document will be exchanged automatically between your IT system and your trading partners. The EDI platform will ensure you meet your customers’ requirements.


Using our EDI platform’s portal, you can generate an advanced shipping notice yourself, quick and easy. You can also use this platform to generate SSCC labels and manage your product codes (GTIN’s) and addresses (GLN’s). The portal is an easy-to-use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

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