Well-attended event “Optimizing the Supply Chain with One2Label.”

The Regus Rotterdam World Port Center was the remarkable venue for this event, during which a limited group of logistics practitioners attended a live demo of One2Label on Thursday, November 12th, 2009.

Topics such as legislation (Sarbanes-Oxley and local legislation), standardization (GS1/EAN-UCC 128) and globalization (emerging business in Asia) were discussed during the presentation, which included a demo of FMC BioPolymer’s installation of One2Label, online on their SAP R/3 system.

Sarina Pielaat, representing The Dutch organization of GS1, further clarified the role and advantage of GS1 in the supply chain. GS1’s aim is to help businesses collaborate more efficiently within their supply chain in order to better serve the consumer and to reduce cost.

Being invited to evaluate the event, all attendees indicated that they were impressed by the accessibility, flexibility and scalability of One2Label. The perceived added value of the product was identified as being the flexible fulfillment of customer labeling requirements through easy-to-implement business rules as well as the time saving achieved through built-in GS1 support.

“A GS1 solution provider such as Type 2 Solutions comprehends that the use of the GS1 standard, as implemented in their labeling solution ‘One2Label’, improves efficiency for their clients, and benefits the entire supply chain.”, says Sarina Pielaat.