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The new Approach in Dynamic Labeling

One2Label is the only web-based, easy-to-implement labeling system with online access to every ERP system. It supports all bar-codes and the most widely used supply chain standards system in the world, GS1.

T2S One2LabelOne2Label generates labels based on data that is available in your ERP system. The system can be rolled out easily across multiple locations, anywhere in the world.

Its open object-oriented architecture can easily be adjusted to suit the specific needs of your organization. One2Label’s Intelligent User Interfaces methodology helps streamlining your business processes by actively supporting users in their decisions every step of the way

  • Data-driven Label Management Solution
  • Online ERP system connectivity, such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, …
  • Comply with GS1 standards, food, healthcare and GHS hazmat regulations
  • Centrally manage and handle any customer specific label requirements
  • Supports over 40 languages, such as Russian, Chinese, Hebrew, …

Client Results

“ When you consider the diverse product lines we offer, the complexities of regulatory compliance and customer requirements of the markets we serve, and the global nature of our supply chain footprint, the One2Label solution is an ideal package that enables us to meet all of these needs with a system that can be quickly deployed with basic training requirements. ”
David E. Stone Director Operations Planning, FMC

Data-driven Versus Layout-driven Label Management

The most common labeling solutions are layout-driven. That means that the emphasis is placed on the layout of the label, and that rules can be applied to data elements that exist within these layouts. One2Label is a data-driven solution.

“Data-driven solutions are in many ways superior to layout-driven solutions when it comes to flexibility, maintainability, and user interaction.”
– Jack de Hamer

A data-driven labeling solution implements rules that are applied to data elements from the ERP system in order to obtain a label, while a layout-driven labeling solution implements rules that are applied to data elements within the individual layouts. This data-driven approach is in many ways superior to the layout-driven approach when it comes to flexibility, maintainability and user interaction.

SAP HANA and One2Label

HANA is SAP’s in-memory data platform that is deployable on-premise or in the cloud. It is a revolutionary platform that is best suited for performing real-time analytics, and developing and deploying real-time applications. One2Label is one of these real-time applications.

One2Label (O2L) is a centralized web-based data-driven label management solution that connects directly to SAP systems. O2L handles all labeling-related processes and is currently in use in the chemicals and food sector, both characterized by complex regulations and customer-specific label requirements.

Read more about how One2Label supports HANA (S/4).

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