Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2021

Type 2 Solutions wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2021

We would like to thank you for making 2020 a special and successful year despite of the Corona epidemic. Together we’ve worked on numerous challenging projects for new and existing customers in 2020.

We helped Erasmus MC to implement a COVID label for intubation sets; We helped the Dijklander hospital and GS1 Netherlands to migrate to the new GS1 Data Source Healthcare datapool and developed an API to extract data from it; We worked together with the Grape Hub Europe to meet retail demands with SSCC labels and EDI; We have successfully executed data migrations to the new IT stack for and DELTA Fiber Netherlands, just to name a few.

If you would like to read more about this remarkable year please see the 2020 overview below.

We look forward to seeing you again in 2021.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Type 2 Solutions Team

January 2020

Direct access to GS1 Data Source Healthcare for Dijklander Hospital

By linking to GS1 Data Source Healthcare (GDSN) with the GDSN mapping service of Type 2 Solutions, Dijklander Hospital gained direct access to the data of the total range of suppliers with hundreds of thousands of articles.

GDSN Mapping Service

Diederik Rood, senior advisor and project leader for the LIR at the Dijklander Hospital, explains:

“The data management service receives the Dijklander article file containing the Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN) and reference numbers of the 5000 articles that the hospital carries at a fixed time. Then the Type 2 Solutions mapping service automatically generates a file with only the relevant data fields of these articles supplemented with the corresponding SNOMED codes.”

February 2020

Migration to the eCommerce Platform Magento for

Robbert Goedvolk, owner of

“Type 2 Solutions helped us conquer a significant problem. Our database was migrated incorrectly by another developer, which led us to not being able to rely on the available data of our 6000 national and international clients. Type 2 Solutions has helped us quickly, accurately and effectively with the data repair & migration for, and”

March 2020

COVID label for Erasmus MC

We helped Erasmus MC to implement a COVID label for intubation sets. The complete set is shown in the picture.

Erasmus MC uses the Mediclabel software suite since 2011 for labeling of high risk medication throughout the hospital to ensure patient safety.

Click here to read more

April 2020

Collaboration with Semso for EDI and SSCC Labels with Exact online

With Semso we offer a unique solution specifically for organizations that supply retail and work with Exact Online.

Stronger together

Through this collaboration, we can offer our customers an integrated solution for SSCC labels and EDI directly from Exact online. Allowing them to meet the requirements that retailers set.


May 2020

GDSN Mapping Service Healthcare certified

Type 2 Solutions obtained the official GS1 certification for the GDSN Mapping Service Healthcare.

Hospitals and healthcare institutions receive data from the GS1 Healthcare data pool (GDSN) via the T2S GDSN Mapping Service. The structure of the service ensures that this information is correct, complete and fit for purpose.

Easily process article data

Healthcare institutions can easily process the article data in their EPD or ERP-system and comply to the Dutch National Implants Registry (LIR).

GS1 GDSN Type 2 Solutions

June 2020

Palletlabel at The Grape Hub Europe

Palletlabel ensures SSCC-labels and EDI according to the GS1 standard. The GS1 standard helps The Grape Hub Europe to meet retailers’ demands.

“Labeling the pallets is a crucial step,” explains Jurgen Smith. “After all, the big DCs use these labels to manage their stock. So, that shouldn’t go wrong. In our search for a possible pallet labeling solution, we came across Type 2 Solutions.”

The full article was published at and can be found here.

SSCC-labels and EDI

In 2020 we helped many new customers to comply with the GS1 standard and meet customer demands. Please visit to read more about our EDI and SSCC-labeling solutions.

July 2020

Development GDSN API 

With the newly developed T2S Implant Scanner application hospitals receive product information via a simple barcode scan from their GDSN GS1 Data Source Healthcare data at lightning speed.

Receive product information at lightning speed

The T2S GDSN Scanner application uses an API, which retrieves information from GDSN and enriches it with the SNOMED-CT code based on the GMDN, the Global Medical Device Nomenclature. The application is easily accessible via web and has a user-friendly interface.


August 2020

Trial version O2L Automation

One2Label Automation is a labeling service that runs on your own Windows server and executes printing tasks, for example in Zebra programming language (ZPL) or PDF, without the need for user intervention.

Automated Labeling Made Simple

Whenever a label is required, your system saves a simple file containing the necessary data to a folder monitored by One2Label Automation. O2L Automation takes care of the rest for you, from placing the data on the label to sending it directly to the printer.

A trial version is now available!

September 2020

Blog: 6 Tips for Code Management

In this informative blog Stefanie Polfliet, Data Analyst at Type 2 Solutions explains the GS1 codes, their underlying structure and offers 6 tips for code management and how to keep your master data in order.

Read the 6 Tips of Stefanie.

Data Quality GS1 Data management

October 2020

Highland Farms UK and Palletlabel

Highland Farms are a leading processor of Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon. The company was founded on solid traditions and over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our business philosophy is to create “Culinary Experiences through Innovation” resulting in products of uncompromising quality.


Highland Farms uses to generate SSCC labels. Palletlabel is the quick, easy and affordable cloud solution for labeling and EDI.

Highland Farms

November 2020

Data migration for DELTA Fiber Netherlands

DELTA Fiber Netherlands makes fast internet accessible to everyone in the Netherlands. For companies and private individuals.

John Wittekamp, ​​Chief Technology Officer says: “We are rolling out high speed fiber internet throughout the Netherlands to increase our footprint. Our ambition is to grow enormously.”

Data quality monitor

T2S helped DELTA Fiber Netherlands with the data migration to the new IT systems by deploying data specialists alongside the data migration platform & data quality monitor within the organization on a project basis.

Watch the video interview with John Wittekamp to learn more about the migration to the new IT systems.

December 2020

Proud of our collaboration

We are proud of the services we provide to thousands of people worldwide that use Type 2 Solutions’ software every day. Whether that is to optimize data, to send electronic messages, to label pallets or medication, every day our clients benefit from the results of our efforts.

We look forward to seeing you again in 2021!