Global GS1 Healthcare Conference 2022

Global GS1 Healthcare Conference

We invite you to join us at the 37th Global – hybrid – GS1 Healthcare Conference held in Paris on November 15-17, 2022!

Learn more, view the conference agenda and register today. Will we see you in Paris?

What’s in it for you?

  • Discover how standards can help you and the patients
  • Benefit by learning in a neutral environment
  • Learn about the latest regulatory developments
  • Gain new, worthwhile information and contacts.

A very exciting agenda

The agenda will comprise a wide range of respected speakers sharing their experiences on the use of global standards throughout areas such as vaccines traceability, helping to improve patient outcomes, supply chain efficiency, unique device identification (UDI), healthcare IT systems interoperability and much more.

Hybrid conference

This will be the first hybrid GS1 Healthcare Conference, join in person or online!

Dutch speakers

On Tuesday November 15, Diederik Rood, Senior Adviser and Marije Bakker, Project Manager, Landelijk Implants Register project at the Dijklander Hospital Hoorn (Netherlands) will speak during the breakout session:

Why product master data is essential for patient safety.

Time: 14:00 – 15:00

  • Location: plenary room (this session will also be live-streamed)


Marc van den Camp, Product Master Data Domain Owner, Medtronic (Netherlands)

Diederik Rood, Senior Adviser and Marije Bakker, Project Manager, Landelijk Implants Register project, Dijklander Hospital Hoorn (Netherlands)

Fabien Rouet, Global Master Data Synchronisation Leader, Biomerieux (France).

Diederik Rood, Senior Adviser, Landelijk Implants Register project, Dijklander Hospital.

Dijklander Hospital

Dijklander Hospital and Type 2 Solutions have been working together since 2019 in the field of product master data.

National Implant Registry

Dijklander Hospital uses the GDSN Mapping service to retrieve data from GS1 Data Source Healthcare. By using the GS1 standards in their ERP and Electronic Healthcare Records they have automated and improved the Operating Room logistics. It also enabled them to comply with laws and regulations such as the National Implant Registry.

Product data

To speed up the process of adding the data to HiX (EHR), T2S has created the Implant Scanner application in collaboration with Dijklander hospital.

By linking to GS1 Data Source Healthcare (GDSN), Dijklander Hospital gained direct access to the data of the total range of suppliers with hundreds of thousands of articles.

Data Quality

Dijklander Hospital will use the Data Quality Dashboard to monitor, maintain, and optimize the product master data

Call to suppliers

Diederik would like to emphasize how important it is that suppliers manage and supply their product master data diligently.

“The software does its job, but without correct and complete data we still cannot provide accurate information to LIR and patients. Especially with the upcoming MDR, which increases the amount of information that needs to be registered in LIR, the importance of correct data only increases.”

Data Quality Dashboard

Conference agenda and registration

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We look forward to seeing you in Paris!