T2S proudly introduces One2Label Automation

Type2Solutions proudly introduces One2Label Automation

One2Label Automation is an unattended labeling application that automates repetitive printing tasks. Printing is triggered by business events in an ERP system, WMS or MES. 

One2Label Automation was inspired by the need of some of our more extensive Palletlabel SaaS users to upgrade to a scalable on-premise label printing solution that could easily be fed from an ERP system, WMS or MES. One2Label Automation has been designed to seamlessly integrate into the business process and is robust and adaptive. Virtually any organization can harness the power and flexibility of One2Label Automation to bridge the gap between data and label”, says Jack de Hamer, partner at Type2Solutions.

One2Label Automation supports all bar codes and the most widely used supply chain standard in the world, GS1.

Who is it for?

One2Label Automation has been developed using technology utilized in all our labeling solutions.

One2Label Automation is a great choice if you are looking for a labeling solution that:

  • is easy to integrate into your existing process
  • runs as a Windows® Service
  • does not require significant changes in your systems
  • supports multi-language content without extra fonts
  • is light-weight, robust, fast, scalable and extensible.

Would you like to know more?

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