simLog taken into production at Finnair

simLog is the web-based front-end for simulator administration and log collection for airline staff and external customers.

In addition to collecting information about the simulator sessions, simLog distributes relevant information to Finnair’s back-end systems. simLog assists the user in completing the log by applying business rules that prepare the simulator log and check its internal consistency throughout the process.

Further, simLog supports all back-office operations related to simulators, such as extended reporting, recency administration for flight deck staff, and external invoicing.

simLog seamlessly integrates into the existing environment at Finnair, where it functions within existing web applications (i.a. WallCHART) . With a single installation, it serves all simulators currently in use at Finnair.

Through intelligent monitoring of user input and fully automated processing of the collected information, simLog improved

  • the overall data quality of simulator-related information streams through reduction of human errors.
  • the overhead associated with reporting and administration of simulator activity.
  • the user experience of back-office staff by fast data access and user-friendly interfaces.
  • the general appearance of Finnair’s external and internal simulator operations through a streamlined easy-to-use user interface.