Jaguar Land Rover looks back on a successful data migration

Excellence in Customer Service

The ultimate goal Jaguar Land Rover was pursuing when they started their global CRM project, came a step closer with the successful completion of the rollout for the Benelux region.

To get there, however, JLR needed to harmonize and merge over 70 sources of customer and prospect data. A perfect opportunity for data migration specialists Type2Solutions and Armada Consulting to put their experience to good use.

JLR partners up with Type2Solutions and Armada Consulting to clear the path for SAP CRM.

David van As, CRM Manager for the Benelux, describes the challenges of the project:

“Quite a few requirements were added while the data cleansing and migration projects were already on their way. One of them was to enrich the available data at three different levels. Right from the start, the business rules that were defined for that purpose took the requirements of SAP CRM into consideration. The result is now available in the Selligent marketing automation fulfilment platform, the tool that will be used in combination with SAP CRM to communicate with our customers.”