GDSN Mapping Service

Exchanging Article Data

Exchange of Article data

The T2S GDSN Mapping Service exchanges data for suppliers in the Food, Do-It-Yourself, Garden and Animal sectors with GS1 Data Source (GDSN) and retrieves relevant article data from the data pool for buyers. We take care of the transformation and validation, so that your data is in order, meets your requirements and can be easily processed.

Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer, T2S can help you exchange and receive data the way you want.

Are you a healthcare institution? We have developed the GS1 GDSN Mapping Service Healthcare especially for healthcare.

  • T2S is a GS1 Solution Provider
  • Exchange article data with GS1 Data Source, GDSN
  • Data Migration Platform transforms the data
  • Data Quality Monitor ensures complete and correct data
  • Your master data is in order and your buyers are satisfied

Solution: Data Migration Platform and Data Quality Monitor

The Mapping Service uses the proven Data Migration Platform and Data Quality Monitor for validated and controlled data exchange.

The exchange of data and the transformation is an iterative process. This is because the criteria for the data are not always easy to determine in advance, the specifications are not yet clear enough and they can change during the project.

The Data Migration Platform with the Data Quality Monitor ensures that these constant changes can be anticipated, the process is repeatable and the results are predictable. This shortens the duration of the project and prevents unexpected delays.

How does it work?

1. Registration

You subscribe to the GS1 Data Source (GDSN) and to the T2S GDSN Mapping Service.

2. Setting up the Service

The Data Migration Platform and the Data Quality Monitor are set up for you and transform and validate the data on the basis of the requirements set by the receiving parties or the receiving IT system.

3. Data quality

All data that does not meet the set requirements are made visible in the Data Quality Monitor. You can optimize and continuously monitor the data. This way you organize your master data and we ensure that only correct data is exchanged. Enrichments and comparisons with your current article file or other source files can be made.

4. Exchange article data

You can now exchange data with your customers or simply process it as a customer in your ERP or other information system. The process is repeatable and the results predictable.

Advantages for you

  • T2S is a specialist in the field of data management. As an innovation partner, T2S offers organizations insight into their most valuable asset: their business data.
  • By deploying our data specialists, expertise and / or tools within the organization on a project basis, T2S supports organizations with the rapid implementation of process and system changes.
  • You’ll have correct and accurate article data, work more efficiently and thus save time.
  • T2S is a GS1 implementation partner and has extensive knowledge of the GS1 standard.
  • Due to our experience, for more than 18 years, the time required for analysis, setup and realization is limited.
  • You will be able to respond quickly to changing market developments, customer wishes, avoid unnecessary costs and achieve the desired result.

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    GS1 Solution Provider

    Type 2 Solutions is a GS1 Solution Provider. We help organizations worldwide with implementing the GS1 standard.

    Our GS1 compliance solutions are approved by GS1 Netherlands, GS1 UK, GS1 US and GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg.


    GDSN Mapping Service for Healthcare

    Are you a healthcare institution? We have developed the GS1 GDSN Mapping Service Healthcare especially for healthcare.

    GS1 Certified Solution

    The T2S GDSN Mapping Service automatically translates the data from the GS1 Data Source Healthcare (GDSN) to the commonly used fields in the Healthcare sector (the ECHO-model) and/or to the information required by the Dutch National Implants Registry (LIR).

    It can also automatically retrieve the Snomed CT code relevant for the LIR that belongs to a product. You can receive the translated data in any format you’d desire and easily process it in your EMR or ERP-system. Fit for purpose.

    GDSN Mapping Service T2S GS1