Exclusive visit to Syngenta on September 14

Catch a rare glimpse into the hidden world of one of the Netherlands’ most fascinating hightech industries and join a select group of Type2Solutions business relations for an exclusive peek into the fascinating world of crops, seeds and food security.

Our host, Syngenta, is specialized in high-quality seeds and advanced seed science. Through techniques such as breeding hybrid varieties, Syngenta produces seeds that grow more uniform and vigorous crops, with increased resistance to stress, disease and insects.

Syngenta chose Type2Solutions’ labeling solution Productlabel to extend managed barcode labeling functionality to its global supplier base.

Interested in discovering an industry that will grow on you for sure? Join us for an amazing company visit followed by an enchanting dinner on the classic sailboat Egberdina.


1:30pm           Reception, with coffee (or tea)


Welcome by Judith de Witte, Type2Solutions and presentation by Martin Stumpe, Group Lead Receiving, Cleaning and Warehouse and Jeroen Kruyt, Team Leader Goods Receiving at Syngenta

2:30pm           Syngenta Tour

4:00pm           Tour wrap-up with drinks

4:30pm           Drive to parking lot ‘Nieuwe Wal’ located in Hoorn


Evening cruise on board of the classic sailboat Egberdina including an enchanting dinner

9:30pm           Return to the harbor of Hoorn

10:00pm         End

The classic sailboat Egberdina

Syngenta Seeds B.V.

Westeinde 62

1601 BK Enkhuizen


Parking lot ‘Nieuwe Wal’

Nieuwe Wal 4

1621 MB Hoorn