Exclusive visit to the KB on November 21

How does the KB make the transition to a Data Driven Organisation?

Join a select group of Type2Solutions’ business relations on November 21 for an exclusive peek into the fascinating world of the KB, the National Library of the Netherlands.

Our host the KB ensures that the Dutch library collection remains visible, useful and sustainable.

Since the integration of the KB with the Sectorinstituut Openbare Bibliotheken (SIOB) and the Stichting Bibliotheek.nl (BNL) in 2015, the budget of the KB has doubled, and activities and processes have become both larger and more complex.

This led the KB to adjust their organisational processes, invest in a new data warehouse and start a close cooperation with data management specialist Type2Solutions.

Bron Foto KB Den Haag

The Result: Fun & Valuable Information

“ It is our ambition at the KB to be a data-driven organisation, in which we base our actions on business intelligence. The data warehouse is of indispensable value in this, also to keep a tight grip on the used data. By having access to data from different systems we are able to transfer data into valuable information such as reports, dashboards, machine learning and more. This should lead to knowledge that contributes to effective and efficient decision-making. Increasing data quality, finding ways to expand reporting possibilities, and initiating and contributing to process improvements is what makes this job so much fun. ”
Jeffrey Kneefel Product Owner Data Warehouse at the KB

New Data Warehouse and T2S Migration Platform

The KB chose Microsoft Azure and Informatica combined with Power BI for Managed Self-Service BI.

The KB uses the Type2Solutions data migration platform and data quality monitor for the structured loading of datasets from different source systems into the national data warehouse and the automatic validation of this data.

Two experienced T2S data analysts, Hans Pannekoek and Tim van Tongeren, guided the entire project.

Bron foto KB Den Haag

Interested in discovering how the KB, the National Library of the Netherlands, makes the transition to a data driven organisation? 

Join us for an amazing company visit with guided tour through the KB including the Highlights Exhibition followed by an enchanting dinner. And, we go by tram!


1:00pm           Park at Rijksmonument the Remise in The Hague

1:10pm           Tram ride from the Remise to the National Library

1:30pm           Arrival at the National Library

1:45pm           Welcome by Judith de Witte, Type2Solutions

2:00pm          Presentation by Johan Hoenink, Information manager at the KB with Tim van Tongeren, Data Analyst at T2S

3:00pm          Break

3:30pm          Guided tour including the Highlights Exhibition

5:00pm          Tour wrap-up with drinks

6:00pm          Tram ride from the KB to the Remise

6:30pm          Dinner at Rijksmonument the Remise in the Hague

9:30pm          End

Guided tour through the KB including the Highlights Exhibition.

Yes, I would like to join!

    Rijksmonument the Remise – Address and Parking

    The address of the historical location the Remise is: Parallelweg 224, 2525 NL The Hague.

    Parking is free. Please arrive on time. At 1.10pm our tram will leave for our ride to the National Library.