Electronic Article Data Interchange at NedZink

NedZink ready for article data exchange with B2B partners

An ERP implementation followed by a successful article data exchange project. This combination of initiatives helped the zinc manufacturer reinvigorate the relationship with its customers, and enabled it to automatically exchange correct article data with customers in a snap.

A request from three of the principal wholesale partners to deliver article master data electronically using EDIFACT came almost right after the completion of the implementation. “The Type2Solutions framework, with the Migration Platform and the Data Quality Dashboard, turned out to be the ideal combination to get a grip on our article master data,” says Roel Frissen, Operations Manager.

“ The Type2Solutions Migration Platform handles the validation and distribution of article master data to NedZink’s partners, in the format they require. It also plays a role in feeding that data into the complex network of suppliers and buyers surrounding NedZink. ”
Roel Frissen Operations Manager