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Type 2 Solutions introduces its newest product: SSCC-label WEBservices, a product specifically developed for manufacturers and logistic suppliers looking for a fast and simple GS1 label implementation within their own organization or as part of their supply chain.

Your GS1 label in one second

With SSCC-label WEBservices, you generate your own GS1 palletlabel in a fraction of a second. You can print it and attach it to your pallets or containers in a blink. The GS1 label features a unique serial shipping container code (commonly referred to as SSCC), which allows your merchandise to be identified quickly and accurately within your own organization or by your customers all over the world.

How does it work?

SSCC-label WEBservices is based on web standards (SOA), which ensures a fast and easy implementation. We offer SSCC label WEBservices as a subscription service.

Try it out yourself!

Click here to create your own account today, and explore the possibilities of SSCC-label WEBservices, free of charge! In a few minutes you can generate your very own GS1 label!

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