Data quality underestimated aspect during migration to new ERP/WM system

The workshop “Data quality and migration”, organized by KennisMatch, was an excellent opportunity for experience sharing between Type 2 Solutions and logistics professionals from the most diverse industries.

Some of the topics discussed were Migration and its place in the implementation project, Does a migration call for requirements?, Migration as a criterion during system selection, Migration manager as a role within the migration team, and acceptance criteria for migrations.

Migration most critical part
The logistics professionals emphasized that the data migration plays the most critical part in the replacement of a system, and that data quality is a prerequisite. Reinier de Jong, Logistics Manager at Voestalpine Plastics Solutions puts it this way: “The new system will have to support your processes, so you want that all your valuable data gets into it unscathed.”

Data migration specialist Type 2 Solutions was facilitating the workshop, which was organized by KennisMatch.