Thank you for joining us at the National Library

Thank you for joining us at the KB, National Library on November 21!

It was great to welcome you all at the National Library of the Netherlands in The Hague.

We’ve had an exclusive peek into the fascinating world of the KB and learned more about how the KB has made the transition to a data informed organization.

Amazing visit

The KB, our host, ensures the Dutch library collection remains visible, useful and sustainable.

Their ambition to be a data informed organization has led them to adjust their organizational processes and invest in a new data warehouse in close collaboration with data management specialist Type2Solutions.

We look back at an amazing visit to the KB, including a tram ride to the location, a guided tour inside the KB, a look at their Highlights Exhibition and an exquisite dinner at the Tram Remise.

We hope to see you again soon & a special thanks to the National Library and the Tram Remise!

Watch the video of our client event at the KB, national library of the Netherlands.

Would you like to know more about the new Data Warehouse and the T2S Migration Platform?

Please click here if you would like to read the case ‘Data management at the KB’.

The KB uses the Type2Solutions data migration platform and data quality monitor for the structured loading of datasets from different source systems into the national data warehouse and the automatic validation of this data. Two experienced T2S data analysts, Hans Pannekoek and Tim van Tongeren, guided the project. 

Tim van Tongeren presented the project as well as our 5-step approach for data management:

  • You can read more about how to get a grip on data quality in our blog ‘Data Quality is a Strategic Asset‘.
  • Our ‘Checklist Data Migration – Five things your boss does not want to hear’ can be found here.
  • And you can download our practical 5-step guide to data quality.

National Library Data Insights

Thanks to the new data warehouse the National Library can present different insights about the collection, e-books, subscriptions over the years.

Bron KB Nationale Bibliotheek

Pictures of our amazing visit to the KB, the tram ride and the dinner at the Tram Remise

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