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Moving Onward to a New System?

Your new solution needs to fuse your ongoing data flow with your historical data. But that data is stuck in your legacy system. You face the challenge of finding and extracting your old data, and migrate what matters into the new solution. The data has to be checked for quality and fitness, to make sure that it plays nice with your new setup. Only then can your operations rely on the new solution.

Make your data migration a success with T2S distinctive combination of technical know-how, business experience, data experts and solutions.

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  • Business-Critical Migrations. Done on Time.
  • Proven strategies for retrieving, transporting, and testing data.
  • Migrate your data with minimal risk and no delays.
  • Make your business work better.

Client Results

“ Type2Solutions has handled the data migration to our fullest satisfaction. Their approach has been utterly professional and thoroughly organized. Another important fact is that they really got into our business processes. ”
Patrick Dankaart Technical and Maintenance Manager at N.V. Westerscheldetunnel
“ Type2Solutions’ proven methodology, unambiguous risk analysis, and hands-on approach have helped us achieve our goals in this project. The data migration specialists at Type2Solutions are experts in their domain and extremely efficient. By proficiently managing activities and deliverables, they have succeeded in making crucial advances in a very short time. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them on this project. ”
Ruben Alebregtse Finance Director at Veenman
“ We identified integration as being one of the most serious risks of the initial Carmen implementation at Finnair. Type2Solutions embraced these risks, and delivered a solid integration solution, thereby contributing to the timely completion of the project. Beside the technical integration, Type2Solutions provided valuable input during the process integration part of the project. Together with Carmen systems they played a significant role in re-engineering our planning process. ”
Ville Iho COO & Deputy CEO at Finnair

Migration Platform

The transport of your data is done with our T2S Migration Platform. First, we use a custom-designed version of the platform to handle your data flow. Then we link it between your old and new solution for a seamless data transport. If your operations have to keep going 24/7, the platform will run the legacy system in parallel with your new solution.

Data Quality Dashboard

Data integration and conversion projects often face unanticipated data quality challenges. The T2S Data Quality Monitor helps you to tackle data quality issues. It provides that kind of insight that makes it possible to improve and maintain data quality.

Checklist Data Migration

Five things your boss does not want to hear

We have collected 5 statements that are heard at some point in any given migration project, whether from the project team or from the business itself. For each of them, we have put together a number of tips to prevent them. And hopefully, they will help you, so you never again need to say:

  We’re running out of budget!

t2s-time  We’re running out of time!

t2s-recources  We’re running out of resources!

t2s-not-workingThe new system is not working!

t2s-liveWe can’t go live!

Datamigratie checklist T2S
Checklist for a successful migration

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