Data Migration at FMC Health and Nutrition

Successful transition to SAP

Successful Transition to SAP

FMC Health and Nutrition is a division of the Specialty Chemicals Group of FMC Corporation, one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies. Its products, complex blends of carrageenan, alginate, Avicel® microcrystalline cellulose, and konjac, improve the stability, efficacy, and sensory characteristics of foods, pharmaceuticals, personal care, household and other products.

As part of FMC Health and Nutrition’s strategy to expand its portfolio of naturally sourced specialty products, FMC acquired two businesses, South Pole Biogroup Ltda. in Chile and Phytone Ltd. in the United Kingdom.

Data migration specialist Type 2 Solutions handled the migration of both acquisitions’ sales and distribution data and processes into FMC’s SAP system.

End-to-end Data Migration

“ By keeping the entire migration project in one hand, from legacy system back-engineering through loading into SAP, we managed to cut out the complexity of multiple layers that is typically affecting projects of this kind. In combination with our iDQM technology, applied to quickly organize distributed data collection, FMC was able to quickly integrate sales and distribution operations into their global customer service network, hereby significantly extending the market reach of the two businesses. ”
Alexandre Klinkenberg Partner at Type 2 Solutions

Long-term Relationship

FMC Health and Nutrition and Type 2 Solutions have worked together since 2002. Type 2 Solutions has lead and carried out the migration and integration of both South Pole Biogroup’s as Phytone’s ERP systems to the FMC SAP system.

South Pole Biogroup and Phytone’s natural products and formulations are used by global customers in the food, beverage, personal care and nutrition sectors.

Project Details

  • The entire migration project in one hand
  • Legacy system back-engineering
  • Data Quality improvement with iDQM technology
  • Data transport with T2S ETL platform

Increased Customer Satisfaction

FMC made the choice to have the data migration executed by a specialized team of Type 2 Solutions consultants, using the T2S Migration Platform and the interactive Data Quality Dashboard.

By migrating these two legacy systems to their SAP system, FMC was able to gain complete visibility of their sales and distribution processes and to realize synergies between the separate customer service locations. In other words, getting more value our of their data and increasing their customers’ satisfaction.


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