SSCC labeling at lightning speed

SSCC labeling at lightning speed from SAP, MS Dynamics 365 or Exact?

If you’re looking for full integration with your IT environment, you’ve come to the right place.

One2Label Automation allows you to automatically print GS1 logistics labels from your own IT system, without delay and on multiple printers at the same time.

Full integration

Based on the GS1 data as well as customer specific information that’s stored in your system, One2Label Automation generates the labels for you and sends them directly to your printer(s).

Vital here is that all information needs to be present in your system. We can assist when this isn’t the case, for example, some systems can only store GS1 SSCC codes but can’t generate them.

Your IT systems can’t generate SSCCs?

Some IT systems are incapable of generating the unique SSCC that’s needed for your pallets, or other shipping units. If that’s the case for you, we can implement a combination of One2Label Automation and the Palletlabel API.

GS1-labels including SSCC: Palletlabel and O2L Automation

How does it work?

  1. You install One2Label Automation on an on premise (virtual) server and are subsequently able to print completely automated labels.
  2. Your business application / IT system generates a trigger file (csv/json/xml) based on a business event and places this on a folder path that’s monitored by One2Label automation.
  3. O2L Automation reads the contents of the file and, if needed, makes a call to the Palletlabel Webservice to retrieve SSCCs.
  4. One2Label Automation processes the SSCCs and generates the label;
  5. O2L Automation prints directly on a specified printer or places a label file on a network location.

In case the Palletlabel Webservice is called upon, the labels are also stored within the corresponding SSCC-label SaaS application.

This means that a copy of the label file is easily retrieved via web (https) to print another copy.

The big advantage: GS1 labels on the fly

This combination ensures you a correct SSCC label alongside fast and error proof printing. On top of that, the process of creating labels is greatly simplified without compromising on any legal regulations or customer specific requests.

In need of simplicity, flexibility and controllability of your labeling processes?

Contact the One2Label team at +31 180 545151 to discuss options or try One2Label Automation for free.

Free trial version

Would you like to try One2Label Automation? Request a free trial version and discover the possibilities. The demo version contains two sample SSCC labels, a box and a productlabel.

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