Thank you for visiting us at ICT & Logistics 2022

Thank you for visiting us at the ICT & Logistics fair on November 8, 9 and 10, 2022

We enjoyed welcoming you in our stand!

Our special thanks goes out to Dennis Hendriks of Eichholtz and Urfruit, Snaqs, Teamasters, Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters and Breugem Brewery for supplying delicious pears, snacks, tea, coffee and beers.

Theatre sessions sold out

We are delighted to see how many attendees joined our theatre sessions on Data Quality Optimization and EDI & SSCC labeling.

Over 150 participants showed that mastering data quality and optimizing inbound and outbound logistics are hot topics in the world of logistics.

If you would like to learn more on how the Data Quality Dashboard and the EDI platform can help you:

  • master your item data,
  • optimize your inbound and outbound logistics,
  • and implement the GS1 standard.

Scroll down to read more and to download the presentations.

Watch the after movie ‘ICT & Logistiek 2022’ by Type 2 Solutions.

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How to get a grip on data quality?

Data quality management is one of those concepts that is hard to define and hard to put into practice.

That is why Jack de Hamer, data management specialist at Type 2 Solutions, has put together a simple 5-step guide with everyday examples to help clarify what data means and how to get a grip on its quality.

De Hamer observes that businesses often do not know where to start when it comes to data quality optimization. “A one-time cleansing exercise for a specific purpose is not a solution. There are more benefits to a long-term solution.”

Download the presentation and learn how to start with data quality today!

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Master data management at Eichholtz

Eichholtz is one of the world’s leading lifestyle businesses in the field of interior design and is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. 

Eichholtz is a good example of a company that has committed to optimizing the quality of their data.

Dennis Hendriks, Operations Director at Eichholtz, presented about how they started with master data management and how they now use the T2S Data Quality Monitor on a daily basis, to monitor, manage, and optimize the quality of customer and vendor master data.

Download the presentation and discover how Eichholtz optimizes data quality!

‘Data Quality Management at Eichholtz’ presented by Dennis Hendriks, Operations Director, at ICT & Logistiek.

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How to implement EDI and SSCC labels?

Have you been asked by your customers to send EDI messages, apply SSCC-labels and comply to GS1?

How do you meet your client’s requirements? 

During this theatre session Judith de Witte, Sales & marketing manager at Type 2 Solutions, and Niek Ressing, Owner and adviser at Semso, presented hands-on tips on how to implement EDI and SSCC-labeling within your organization.

Download the presentation and learn how to optimize your logistics today!

Client cases

Click on one of the images to read more about one of the data- and label management projects for our clients Eichholtz, Erasmus MC and NedZink.

Data Quality Monitor

Would you like to start monitoring data quality within your organization?

Optimizing and maintaining data quality requires two things: a good plan and discipline.

Our data specialists help you on your way with the Data Quality Scan and use our 5-step plan for data quality.

We present the results of the scan using the Data Quality Dashboard. The fast and easy tool that tracks the quality of your data.

The data quality scan offers you a future-proof plan for cleaning up and maintaining your data quality.

We will show you that a continuous focus on data quality can increase your results and give you a strategic advantage.

The results of Eichholtz using the data quality monitor.

EDI and SSCC labeling

Have you been asked by your customers to send EDI messages?

Meet their requirements and avoid manual processing with the Type 2 Solutions’ EDI connector and EDI platform. Our EDI platform is compatible with most IT systems and guarantees fast and safe EDI communication between you and your customers.

A SSCC label can be generated through the T2S SSCC label API, the web-based application or the on-premise solution One2Label Automation.

During implementation we will make sure that the messages meet the GS1 standard and your customer’s requirements.

ICT & Logistics 2023

We look forward to welcoming you again at the ICT & Logistics fair, November 8 and 9, 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact us at +31 180 54 51 51 or

We are happy to get to know you!